5 Pinterest-Inspired Ways to Thank a Teacher

With the end of the year fast approaching (and Teacher Appreciation Week next week!) there's no better time to say thank you to the teachers in your life. Here are some fun Pinterest-inspired things you can do to thank a teacher.

1. Write a thoughtful note

Few gifts compare to a meaningful note written from the heart. Whether it comes from you, as a parent, thanking your child's teacher for their influence and encouragement, or from your child, a heartfelt note will not be soon forgotten. You can even have a little fun with a printable like this one that you and your child can fill out together.


2. Say thanks a latte

Most teachers love receiving gift cards, but parents often worry that they seem too impersonal. Try jazzing up your coffee gift card with a cute presentation like this example using a simple plastic coffee cup and a printable.


3.Help with supplies

All too often, teachers spend money out of their own pocket on school supplies for their students. This supply tower is easy to create and helps ease some of the burden teachers face in keeping their classrooms stocked. 

4. Celebrate all week

Make every day of Teacher Appreciation Week special! Involve your children with activities like these to bring something fun and meaningful each day. 

5. Tell them you're nuts about them

For treats and gifts large and small, South Georgia Pecan has you covered! Add a cute printable like the example below to one of our gourmet gifts for a thoughtful touch.

 gifts for teacher appreciation week

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