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October 09, 2017

Pecan Chicken Salad with Cranberries and Apples



September 13, 2017

Pecan Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches



September 05, 2017

BLT Pasta Salad


August 28, 2017

Gooey Pecan Turtle Brownies



April 26, 2017

Gift Ideas for Teacher Appreciation Week

Gift Boxes

Select from our pre-made boxes or select from over two dozen varieties of nuts. Available in 1 lb., 2 lb., and 5 lb. boxes. 



February 02, 2017

5 Ways to Do Pecan Pie

1. The Classic

The Secrets to Perfect Pecan Pie


October 25, 2016

Cinnamon-Vanilla Bean Pecan Milk Recipe

This is our favorite recipe for pecan milk!


October 13, 2016

Pecan Fennel Soup

This nutty, slightly sweet soup is under 100 calories and gluten-free. It’s so satisfyingly healthy that it could even work as a meal by itself!...


October 06, 2016

Pecan-Cranberry Stuffed Acorn Squash

Every dinner needs a side dish, whether it be a veggie combo or a simple salad. Yet serving the same old sides can become boring. So why not liven...


September 27, 2016

Corporate Gifts for Your Clients

Did you just sign on a new business client?  You want to make sure they know how much you appreciate them.  What would make the best gift to show...

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